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Little soap of the prairie

The Story

Hello!  my name is Laura, and I created Little soap of the prairie in 2020. Unlike other businesses, mine didn't start as a consequence of Covid, but as a way to recreate a soap that I loved, and couldn't get in Canada, that didnt have animal fats and most importantly, cruelty free. After doing some research and reading some articles on soap making I decided I was gonna make my own, so I've got myself some basic ingredients, tools and equipment, and made my very first (very ugly!) soap through hot process method, and oh boy, I was hooked!! thrilled and proud of myself, I created my very own soap!!

Ever since, I haven't stop making soap. I just love it! in fact I have made so much soap that my family will have soap for a very long time. Then, something unexpected happened, and due to some health issues I found myself out of a job, not feeling my best, and with a lot of time on my hands, so I filled my days making a lot of soap, I mean, a lot of soap! Fortunately friends and family started to ask about them and being interested on getting some of my soaps, which enabled me to continue the production.

A vision, a dream and passion for soap making (not to forget, the need to feel useful) and the never ending support from my husband were the perfect ingredients to create Little soap of the prairie, a small homebased business that makes beautiful, gentle, moisturizing  soaps, with plant/vegetable oils and butters, milks, Responsibly sourced Certified sustainable Palm oil, no animal fats, tested only on humans, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and my packaging is mostly plastic free or compostable.

To ensure the quality of my soaps, they are made in small batches, cut by hand, mainly through Cold process and occasionally Hot process, so not every bar will look exactly the same.

Thank you for supporting my small business and I'm sure you'll enjoy your beautiful soaps as much as I do!


Where the Passion Begins!

handmade soaps, local business in Winnipeg.

Meet Laura
Owner and maker

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