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🐾Best friend soap 🐾

🐾Best friend soap 🐾

I make soaps for humans but I also have been making soap for my three dogs and now you can get them for you furry friend too!

If you are looking for a natural shampoo alternative for your furry friends, then you found it!


This soaps are all natural, no perfume or colors, made with oils like Neem, known to relieve itchiness due to food allergies, insect bites, It also known to help protect against fleas and biting insects by leaving a residue which repels them, and Grapeseed that has anti inflamatory properties and promotes healthy fur and butters like Shea butter , that are specifically chosen to keep their skin and fur clean, without irritation, while removing dirt and grimen, no synthetic detergents or harmful ingredients.


Choose between:


Lemongrass essential oil: lemongrass repels fleas and ticks while promoting healthy skin.


Lavender-Cedarwood essential oils with oats: Lavender offers a calming effect and promotes relaxation while Cedarwood oil helps with skin irritation, promotes healthy skin, and has a relaxing effect.


This soap bars are way bigger than my other soaps to make sure they last longer.


Directions: make sure you wet your dogs fur through, rub the bar of soap all over their body until you create a good lather, scrub and rinse!


Weight 200 g / 7 oz

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